HMHB is a grassroots organization of individuals and organizations dedicated to: promoting maternal and child health in North Texas in general and in the Southern

Sector of Dallas in particular.

What We Do

The coalition engages in community education, advocacy and other public services aimed at giving expectant women the best chance of delivering and nurturing healthy babies, thereby promoting population health, building community and saving taxpayer dollars.

Why We Do It

We believe that strengthening and maintaining strong maternal and child health programs, policies and procedures is not just important, but crucial to our state’s future. Unfortunately, budgets for building and maintaining strong hospital labor and delivery programs are falling far short of what is needed for our moms and babies. This is a problem across the state of Texas, and especially in the Dallas area.

Our Work

Community Education

Texas has one of the largest percentages of women of childbearing age in the nation, and our state’s population continues to grow much more rapidly than that of the nation as a whole.  It is crucial that our fellow Texans understand basic information about keeping our hospital labor and delivery systems strong. The coalition engages in activities to provide that information in an accessible, easy-to-understand way.


The coalition keeps abreast of research on programs and policies related to maternal and child health, and shares some of the latest research findings with its members, with policymakers and with the general public. Since we are not an academic organization, we do not engage in direct primary research nor do we endorse or confirm any research findings.


One of the primary functions of the coalition is to advocate for those policies that best promote the cause of healthy moms delivering healthy babies, especially by maintain strong labor and delivery systems. We do not engage in partisan politics.

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Our Work


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